The All Famous Bucket List!


There comes a time when you reflect on your life, where you are in the here and now, what you have and haven’t done. Then you decide to make changes because somewhere along the road you gave up on your childhood dreams in order to move forward into the world of adulthood.
This year and every year from here on out I will keep a bucket list and celebrate the goals that I have set out to accomplish whether they seem as far away as the stars or as close as hanging out with the friend beside me.
Bucket list 2013
1) Beach Bon Fire w/ friends
2) Girls get-a-way to Miami
3) Visit the corn mazes in the fall ( Sweetfields Farms in Masaryktown, FL)
4) Milk a cow
5) Sit on a round hay stack (Don’t ask why, I just want to)
6) Visit New Orleans
7) Visit Puerto Rico
8) Visit South Korea
9) Take a Photography Class
10) Land an internship at Creative Loafing publication
11) Dance in the rain
12) Walk all the way up Bay Shore from Ballast Point Park
13) Learn to play Clair De Lune on the piano
14) Send a message in a bottle
15) Send an amazing care package to my friend in Korea

What will you accomplish this year?


One thought on “The All Famous Bucket List!

  1. It’s a great bucket lists! I hope that you achieve most of them in your fascinating 2013. Particularly, visiting South Korea is pleasant for me to hear that. Lol i will be looking forward to seeing you. 🙂

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