For Singles on Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s also the first year in my adult life that I’m spending it alone. Crazily I spent the week thinking about how crappy it is that I don’t have “that special someone” to share my day with. I had completely forgotten about the friends, family, and even coworkers who have showered me with sugary goodness I need not to eat. So you have a choice singles: spend the rest of the day/evening feeling sorry for yourself or get up and get over it. Here is a list of things you could be doing:

• Hurry and get over to your favorite day spa and book yourself a spa treatment.
• Cook yourself an epic meal full of all your favorite foods and don’t forget the wine.
• Cuddle up with a good book and finish it in one day.
• Go take a salsa lesson. Or go to a yoga or meditation class. The endorphins will make you feel great.
• Enjoy a night with friends. Why not attend the Valentine’s Day party you were invited to you? You might meet someone.
• Exercise.
• Volunteer. Why don’t you give back a little?
• Get lost. Driving always makes me feel better. Let the road ahead take you somewhere exciting.
• Do something totally new with your hair
• Get some much needed studying done while ignoring the world


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