Positive Flow and How to get there: A Journey in the Making

My Daughters are the ripple effect of anything positive I’ve ever done”-Michael Adekunle

What ripple effect will I leave behind in the world? As I’m quickly approaching 28, I have been spending time between work and class reflecting. Looking into a mirror and asking, “What have you done with life up until this very moment?” Although there were many things that I have accomplished within the year, there were also things I had to shed and give up. While leaving some things and people behind can be a painful thing, religion teaches that joy will come in the morning.
So what do you get when letting go? I got a book called A Map of the Journey. It’s a journey through Vipassana Meditation. In the beginning you must prepare the mind and have the basic skills and understanding.
Day 1: Before you can really allow yourself to meditate you need to prepare. You can think of this like farmers prepare the land before sowing seeds into the ground. If you don’t prepare your land/mind for what’s ahead, how can you allow anything to take root?
Bhavava- This word means to make something grow.
While preparing your land for growth you need to clear out the weeds. Weeds grow so naturally that at times you don’t even realize that they are there. Some of these weeds will have strong roots but you need to dig them up/out: (Drinking, dependent relationships, smoking, abuse in all forms, all are bad habits).
Day 2: Relationships- Surround yourself with positive like minded people who are on the path you want to be on or can give as much as you give. There are no short cuts that can be taken in relationships. You get as much as you give and everything in life is about hard work.
Day 3: Death- Life is short and tomorrow is not promised to any one of us. Death is something we need to reflect on. How many of us considering your age can look at our lives and know with clarity that you are satisfied with how you have spent your time on this earth? To prepare your mind for mediation you need to reflect on the shortness of life and live mindfully making the best use of your time.

“When we understand that life is short and time is precious and if we have developed some understanding of the Dhamma it becomes more precious”

Some might say that the practice of mediation might be a conflict of interest, especially if you are a Christian or practicing any other religion. If you can maintain your own belief system, while taking the positive aspect of another then I personally don’t see the harm. The point is to become a better rounded you.


One thought on “Positive Flow and How to get there: A Journey in the Making

  1. Thank you for using my words as inspiration for self and community! Best wishes on your inner journey and the receipt of positive material/physical manifestations in the days ahead.

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