Tampa Bay’s Philfest 2013


One of the things I love about living in the Tampa Bay area is that we are really growing as a community. There is hardly a weekend that passes you by that isn’t filled with a new cultural experience.

This past weekend was the 18th annual Philfest hosted by the Philippine Cultural Foundation!!


Here you’re able to get a glimpse of Philipino culture through food, dance, fashion and cultural exhibits. Resident performers grace the stage in authentic and colorful ensembles singing folk songs and playing the angklung (bamboo instrument).

There was also Tawang Ng Tanghalan and Tangakang Pamata which is an adult and children’s American Idol style contest.

Even though I missed the adult talent portion because I was stuffing my face with incredibly divine fried chicken, noodles with pork, and beef dumplings. I did happen to see the children’s contest. Talk about being shockingly surprised with the voices and talents coming from these little ones. These kids were simply a sight to be seen by all festival goers.


So what was the best part of the festival for me??

Revolution 2013: this hip-hop competition has groups from different colleges and universities in Florida. Not only was there a ton of youth around in hopes of winning a cash prize, but it tugs at your heart strings to see respective college and university teams cheering each other on.

This year’s first place winners Final Boss  is a dance crew that orignated in the Tampa Bay area and has branched out to Orlando.

“Our goal is to not win every competition but to improve as dancers,” said Kimmie Nguyen from Final Boss.



One thought on “Tampa Bay’s Philfest 2013

  1. Great blog! My cousins have participated in the singing contest. Filipinos do not play about their saaanngggiiiin. Glad you enjoyed the fest!

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