Almost 30 but not Quiet!! (Happy 28th Birthday to Me)

Almost 2 but not Quiet

Almost 2 but not Quiet

Turning 28 is just another reminder of how close I am to turning 30. In my teens I use to revel in the thought of my birthday coming; homemade funfetti birthday cakes, old fashioned bar-b-q and family and friends.

 In my twenties it feels more like the impending doom to a dawn I do not long to see. There is this rush to achieve all the goals that I have set for myself before my third decade arrives. Looking back I was convinced that by this age I would be married to actor Lee Thompson Young (Rizzoli & Isles on TNT), finished with school, and happily set in my career as a writer- living peacefully.

But the road to success seemed ever so long, at least that’s what I thought until I read Joshua Fields Millburns observations and insights in his essay “30 Life Lessons from 30 Years

“Success is perspectival. I used to think I was successful because I had a six-figure job that my friends and family could be proud of. I thought the house with too many bedrooms would make me look even more successful, and so would the luxury car and the tailored suits and the nice watch and the big screen TV and all of the trappings of the material world. But I got all of that and I sure as hell didn’t feel successful. Instead, I felt depressed. So what did I do? I bought more stuff. And when that didn’t work I figured out that I had to do something else with my life, that I had to stop living a lie and start living my dreams.”

Lesson here is you definitely can’t judge a book from its cover…

How I Spent 28

How I Spent 28

So I guess there is no point to get upset and feel stressed out about the things I don’t have or haven’t accomplished yet. The key word here is YET, because in real life the amazing things are bound to happen can’t really be planned…They just happen.

28 isn’t exactly the “success” that I planned/imagined, but I’m well on my way and it’s worth celebrating.




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