Thought on paper (so to speak)


Sometimes you have to write to hear yourself express the things you can’t say aloud. This summer has been filled with disappointments and surprising turns.  Starting off my year of officially 28 has been a beautiful struggle to say the least.

The year is now more than half way over and as I look back at my bucket list for 2013 I don’t think I have fulfilled any of the things I wanted to do. Wait I take that back, I did land an internship at the amazing Creative Loafing Publication in Tampa.

That in its self is a blessing! (Interns Issue coming August 1)

I didn’t get my all girls trip to Miami for my birthday; however some friends went above and beyond to make sure my birthday gone wrong with slightly right…..

But there is this nagging feeling that I can’t seem to get rid of.  Maybe the things on my list were a little outlandish for all the things I need to get done in my day to day life.  So I need to refresh my 2013 bucket list

1) Visit the corn mazes in the fall ( Sweetfields Farms in Masaryktown, FL)
2) Milk a cow
3) Sit on a round hay stack (Don’t ask why, I just want to)
4) Take a Photography Class
5) Land an internship at Creative Loafing publication………………….. (DONE)
6) Dance in the rain
7) Walk all the way up Bay Shore from Ballast Point Park
8) Send a message in a bottle
9) Send an amazing care package to my friend in Korea


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