Why stress over the things you can’t control?

WorriesI am one of those people who is always worried. I find myself  stressing internally about almost everything. I’m talking about worrying to the point where there is the sick, aching feeling, deep within myself.

Why is it that I find myself contemplating over things I have no control over?  If I write my worries down and plant them in the earth will something beautiful blossom in its wake?

I normally try and focus on the next task at hand. Tonight that would be heading to my first day of class for the spring semesters. Luckily I’ll be taking something a bit creative (Intro to Painting). Strangely enough I have never painted a day in my life so wish me luck.

When you feel this way what do you do?


3 thoughts on “Why stress over the things you can’t control?

  1. Hiya. I hear you! Worry worry worry. I remember a scene from SATC when Samantha told Carrie that she had to turn that frown upside down least she was in for a trip to her dermatologist for some enhancements for the lines it would create – (I kinda miss the girls:-)). Worry is easy to come by and before you know it you’ve been frowning all day. Not good for those lines or your soul. Been there. Done that :-). However, these days I try to live with Mindfulness, that is I try to “live in the moment”. I try not to create a future that hasn’t yet been written and as a result find that what actually happens may not be as bad as I’d had all those sleepless nights about. I am by no means an expert at Mindfulness but when I am mindful to be Mindful, it can change my entire outlook on an hour, a day, a week. I am a big fan of Mr Mraz and like the boy sings “I won’t worry my life away”. The greatest thing for me about being Mindful is that it brings stillness in each moment and then remarkably the world begins to dance to your beat.

    Enjoy your class! You’ll love the painting. I am already wishing you all the luck you need.

    • Oh how I enjoy a good SATC marathon, there have been many of times when I thought Carrie and I could have been one in the same. I know what you mean when you talk about frowning all day… sometimes you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Matter of fact my friend asked me how I was doing yesterday and my response to her was fine… Not great or beaming with light, but just fine. I hadn’t realized that these days (FINE) had become the very definition for how I was living. Today when my friend asked me how I was. I simply answered that today was better than yesterday. I plan to be mindful in the way I choose to have an outlook on life and the events that happen around me. I thank you for sharing with me and will be showing my class paintings later today in a blog spot. I hope you’ll check them out.

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