The Woman Behind The Blog


Positive Flow—

Hello All-

This is Amina, but most people call me Mina.  I am the creator of this blog. I recognize that life is about growth and I’m hoping we can do that together. I am a person of incredible character. I often wear the hat of daughter, friend, student, partner, and writer. I created this blog to reach out to people from all walks of life. I live to express myself through various literary and visual art forms.  I hope that I may provide you with helpful tips, encouraging words of advice, recipes, art, relationships, thoughtful discussions of beliefs, and DIY projects.

I hope you’re up for the journey.

Thanks for visiting my page!





4 thoughts on “The Woman Behind The Blog

  1. Hi Amina I have been browsing through your blog and I have to say it’s wonderful ~ You have a nice variety of interesting topics I love all your posts ~ you have a way with words that captures the attention. Keep up the good work ~ I will be back often to check out what you’re blogging about.

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