Why stress over the things you can’t control?

WorriesI am one of those people who is always worried. I find myself  stressing internally about almost everything. I’m talking about worrying to the point where there is the sick, aching feeling, deep within myself.

Why is it that I find myself contemplating over things I have no control over?  If I write my worries down and plant them in the earth will something beautiful blossom in its wake?

I normally try and focus on the next task at hand. Tonight that would be heading to my first day of class for the spring semesters. Luckily I’ll be taking something a bit creative (Intro to Painting). Strangely enough I have never painted a day in my life so wish me luck.

When you feel this way what do you do?


20 Great Moments of 2013

2013 was the year I found apart of myself. I found love, laughter, happiness, and heartbreak, all in 365 days. According to Facebook I’ve only had 20 great moments worth remembering. I thought I would share what these moments were.

  1. I had silly adventures finding organic lady apples, hanging out with a guy and his bird, and walking up Bay Shore.Lady Apples
  2. Celebrated my mother turning another year wiser.Happy Bday mom
  3. My bestie didn’t want to be a ride or die chick, instead she wanted to be a go to work and call you later chick 😉Ride or Die
  4. In mid-February I displayed random positive thoughts out into the universeFind Joy
  5. Lauren C.Late March Lauren C came home and we partied like adults and not college girls at MacDinton’s Irish Pub…lol
  6. Early April Lisa and I took on the Pilipino Festival. Tired some traditional food, watched some beautiful performances, and bought a few keepsakes.PhilFest
  7. Lil ReggieSpent some time with my face man (Little Reggie)
  8. Attending my pre-graduation event.Pre-Graduation
  9. 2013 GraduationAnd in May although I had already received my AA Diploma, I still walked the stage.
  10. Thanks Family and Friends for their supportGraduation
  11. final gradesGot final grades in, which were all B’s
  12. Attending Lauren E’s graduation and met the family.lauren E Grad
  13. In June I started interning at Creative Loafing.
  14. 28I celebrated turning 28 with friends, drinks, a new tattoo, and brunch… I also fell in love
  15. Went on a tour of The Ledger Media Group.ledger
  16. coverMade the Cover of Creative Loafing
  17. In October I became a part of the walking dead and attacked my mother.zombie
  18. Had my heartbroken and spent 2-3 weeks being very EMO
  19. nutcracker twistFinally saw the Chocolate Nutcracker, now known at The Nutcracker Twist
  20. And Christmas Eve got a quick class on making a ring, attending a festive Holiday Party, and attending Art After Dark.ring

At the end of each year many of us seem to reflect on what was and what to do next. I, like many others do the same thing. I try hard not to focus on the friendships that were lost, the heartbreak that was felt and the nights of sleep I missed due to stressing over things I have no control over whatsoever. Life is an ever growing and changing internal process. All we can do is strive to do and be better. Fight for the dreams we have and prove to ourselves that we are worth more than what we may think. Stop allowing others to treat you like you are dispensable, YOU AREN’T. Value you, the person you are and align yourself with positive people who are doing positive things.

So what did I take from this year? Mostly that I have a great inner circle of friends. That the things or people we want aren’t always what we need. As I end this chapter on 2013’s 365-days I resolve to take things day by day, to not allow the little things get under my skin, and to release the negative things and people as so that I don’t carry that into the following year.

Happy New Year’s All.

Twlight Market is a must!!


Tampa Bay’s Philfest 2013


One of the things I love about living in the Tampa Bay area is that we are really growing as a community. There is hardly a weekend that passes you by that isn’t filled with a new cultural experience.

This past weekend was the 18th annual Philfest hosted by the Philippine Cultural Foundation!!


Here you’re able to get a glimpse of Philipino culture through food, dance, fashion and cultural exhibits. Resident performers grace the stage in authentic and colorful ensembles singing folk songs and playing the angklung (bamboo instrument).

There was also Tawang Ng Tanghalan and Tangakang Pamata which is an adult and children’s American Idol style contest.

Even though I missed the adult talent portion because I was stuffing my face with incredibly divine fried chicken, noodles with pork, and beef dumplings. I did happen to see the children’s contest. Talk about being shockingly surprised with the voices and talents coming from these little ones. These kids were simply a sight to be seen by all festival goers.


So what was the best part of the festival for me??

Revolution 2013: this hip-hop competition has groups from different colleges and universities in Florida. Not only was there a ton of youth around in hopes of winning a cash prize, but it tugs at your heart strings to see respective college and university teams cheering each other on.

This year’s first place winners Final Boss  is a dance crew that orignated in the Tampa Bay area and has branched out to Orlando.

“Our goal is to not win every competition but to improve as dancers,” said Kimmie Nguyen from Final Boss.


University of Tampa Presents Speaker Hoan Do: Succeeding in the Real World!


Thursday’s lecture series started off with a bang at the University of Tampa. Guest speaker Hoan Do reached out to students to discuss succeeding in the real world.

Meeting Do leaves one almost taken aback; he is amazingly friendly upon introducing himself. An eavesdropper reportedly overheard his friendly banter with a young, female student: “Hey, is everything okay? You look like you’re having one of those days, I’m Hoan.”

Do made it clear that he wasn’t there to lecture, but rather, that he wanted to be able to have a conversation about the students’ worries and concerns. Once informed of their worries and concerns, Do advise the lecture group on what he found helpful, during his college experience.

He addressed what most students are afraid of these days: job security, loan debt, being happy and staying afloat in a volatile economy. College is supposed to be the best four years of a young-adult’s life, but it is important for students to utilize their time wisely, while enrolled.

Do walked the stage, making sure to make eye contact with the audience. He told stories of when he snuck into upper-classmen lectures, and how he took advantage of amazing and worthwhile internships, landing himself with the companies and the positions he kept on his horizons, once having graduated college.

With all the hard work Do put into his interning, once he graduated, he truly was above the curve, not just by obtaining his degree, but with much needed experience under his belt. The best way to find and land the job you want is through experience.


  • Acknowledge things as they are.
  • Don’t make it worse than it is.
  • See things the way you want it to be and do something about it.

Changing the Radio Station

You know how you can be in the car rocking out to you favorite Drake song, head bobbing, that full-of-attitude look on your face, and then your song ends and you feel energized? That is until some whack Spice Girls song comes on, and you not-so-silently thing to yourself, “Wow! This song just sucked all that energy I was just feeling right out of me!”

What do you do? You change the radio station, looking for something that was as uplifting as the Drake song you just heard.

Often times, your mind is your own personal radio station, and the songs that are playing can be whack (think of those kinds of songs as negative thinking).  At this point, you need to change the radio station and remind yourself of the many things you have already accomplished, and the many things that you are already good at. With this kind of thinking in place, your mind can now filter out any other whack songs that might come along.

Do is a big advocate of saying positive things aloud, which in turn helps one to build focus and strengthen their confidence. Do offered, “Sometimes you need to hear things aloud.”

Pull Out Your GPS

In college everything is laid out for you. You know how many classes you need to take and in what area. The real world is nothing like this. Get yourself a GPS (Life Plan)

  • Set Goals (What’s the promise that you’re going to make to yourself?)
  • Have a Purpose (Why are you trying to obtain these goals?)
  • Strategies (You need a plan A, B, C, D…etc)


Networking vs. Connecting

There is an old saying that goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” This is false. When you network with people it’s like having a bunch of friends on Facebook, but how many of those people would really go out of their way to help you?

When you connect with people, you are taking the time to get to know them, building a relationship, helping when you can, without a motive. Relationships and having experience are the keys to success.

Finally, you want to handle your PMS (Physical, Mental, and Spiritual well being). We tend to be like soda cans, we all get shaken up from time to time. Managing your PMS will keep you from exploding.

Over all, people really enjoyed what Do had to offer during his lecture. Senior Chelsea Hall said, “Do did an amazing job! He really connected with us.”

Do ended the night by putting himself completely out there, wearing a cheerleading outfit and break dancing. Tyler James said, “I liked when he danced. I can’t believe he actually wore a skirt!”