Can Art be Therapeutic?



Maybe a month ago I did a post about stressing over the things you can’t control. I admitted to being someone who worries about the unforeseen. I mentioned planting my worries and even sorrows into the earth to see if they would bloom into something beautiful.

However I live in an apartment complex and I might need to move into a house before I start my own garden of thoughts.

So what have I been doing to keep myself calm??

Finshed Product

Finshed Product

Painting. I’ve been taking an intro to painting class twice a week at my school. (Go Spartans) Oddly enough it keeps my nerves in check. What’s funny is before I started painting I was taking pottery. Which I loved, but my nails didn’t love it. Soon after that I took glass fusion where I toyed around and made some plates. Glass Fusion is a craft I think I would like to refine. I made some pretty great things for an amateur.

Painting is doing the same thing for me as pottery and glass.  It giving

New Still-Life

New Still-Life

a place to put all the extra energy I’ve been using to worry about needless things.

Art for me is Therapy and I’m sure loads cheaper than going to sit on someone’s couch for a conversation.

How do you express yourself? How do you use negative energy to turn it into something positive?


Relaxed to Natural in 12 months


The Transition

In June 2012, I went natural. There are two ways to go natural: the Big Chop (B.C.) and transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.

At first I chose to allow my hair to grow out while clipping the relaxer out gradually. This meant every few weeks I was still going to the salon and getting a rod set which has the effect of blending the natural and relaxed hair together. However I did get to a point where this was not working at all. So I had to take the more dramatic route: the B.C.

I once again went to see my beautiful beautician, Ms. Eleth, and she chopped it all off for me. Some would argue that this is a freeing experience, but I had never had my hair so short in my life and wanted to scream. After letting my Drama Queen moment pass, I took pictures to document the beginning of my journey. The Big Chop is definitely a bold decision, but it gives you a new confidence, and looks very fierce. Add some color to your new style and some dashing large earrings and you are good to go. 

12 months- Natural Movment

12 months- Natural Movment

Caring for Natural Hair

Natural hair is beautiful, so take care of your crown. Here are a few natural hair tips: Wash, Moisturize, Oil. Your hair is an extension of your body, and needs as much care as any other part of you does. I’ve heard that keeping natural hair moisturized can be a struggle, but I have been extremely lucky not to have those issues. I deep condition my hair once a week with either coconut oil or Vatika (Indian Market), then I wash with Cocoa Curls. Some people also take vitamins to help speed up hair growth and give you healthy hair such as Keratin, Biotin, and Fish Oil. I personally use Biotin and Fish Oil and it’s been a great help with not only my hair, but skin and nails as well. Also I absolutely love using oils like tea tree and Jamaican Black Castor Oil to keep my hair looking radiant and my scalp well-conditioned.

Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Although I love trying out different hair styles, I really love anything that will allow me to shake and go. With that being said I’m a BIG fan of any kind of twist outs, banana clips and rocking my fro as is.  Of course there is tons of information on the web about black natural hair styles that can fit every