At the Stroke of Midnight

Chapter 1What were you doing at the stroke of Midnight? Were you kissing loved ones with excitement as you entered the dawn of a new year? Maybe you were like me…. passed out in bed by 11:34pm.

I didn’t see midnight.

 I didn’t watch the fireworks.

 There was no times square or a ball drop.

 Instead I was wrapped up dreaming with a fluffy black and white cat purring beside me. When 2013 turned into 2014, I was set adrift into my own subconscious. It wasn’t were I thought I’d be, but the thought of going out and being submerged in a sea of people wasn’t appealing to me either. So I slept and when I work it was already a new year.

How did you spend your last moments of last year? Were you were you wanted to be?