Spring Moments

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Hello Dear Friends who have chosen to follow the misadventures AminaKalera!! I have four classes left until graduation. I’m sure some of you can appreciate what it’s like being this close to the finish line and wondering…… WHAT NOW!!PAMM1
This is when most people would say the rest of their life begins. However for some it’s when the reality of the real word set in. This is the moment when we find ourselves thrown into the wild surrounded by student loans and looking for that perfect job which will give us financial security. Yet sometimes these very thoughts that we need to process can leave us feeling very overwhelmed. To that I say Thank God for Spring Break.PAMM3
This year I had two mind blowing trips planned for my break. The first being three beautiful days in Miami solo wondering around. What I will say is three days isn’t nearly enough time to see and do everything in the Miami area. However one place you most go to is the Jorge M. Perez Art Museum (also known as PAMM). It’s full of vibrate and abstract works of art. Some of which I believe could move the coldest hearts.PAMM4

The outside of the museum is a reflection of the inside.The equally have displayed alluring architecture. This structure is just sexy, sitting right off the water allowing for a pleasant view and cooling wind to breeze across your face.

Another highlight of this trip was heading over to Vizcaya. Sadly I didn’t have enough time to tour the house, but the grounds were fill sculptures all over and lush landscape. I ended up spending a brilliant time dance with strangers, and after the first few awkward moment of stepping of toes…. I finally found my rhythm among the Latin tempo. I swayed, turned, bounced, and lots all sensibility of time on the floor. Miami was an enlightening experience.