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Show Stopping Ka’oir Cosmetics!!

Harlem Night & Show Off

Harlem Night & Show Off

I have recently been on a serious manhunt for a blue lipstick. Something that leaves a lasting impression and a major POP when a girl enters the room if worn in the correct fashion. Then the heavens opened and there was Ka’oir Cosmetics.   Keyshia Ka’oir comes with a full line of dazzling lip sensations. My personal favorites are Harlem Nights, Show Off and Rude Girl.

Now here is the T.  Although I love Show Off I recently found out there is a color by Wet N Wild called Stop Light Red (991D) that is exactly the same as Show Off.

Wet N Wilds Stop Light is $2 dollars vs $20 for Show Off.  I’m thinking I’d rather not spend $20 dollars on a color that i can find for $2.

Love this Rude Girl Color

Love this Rude Girl Color

However sticking with the more unorthodox colors from Ka’oir is definitely a great value since i haven’t found them any place else.

Also the launch of Ka’oir Cosmetics has been overwhelming because there have been some delays in receiving orders. According to the website it should take 5-7 business days after placing your order for it to arrive.  My order took two weeks and two days from the date i placed the order. Also customer service was not the best with communicating with me once I inquired what the holdup was with my purchase.

So my biggest tip is to have patience.




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