New Year’s Resolutions!

I Resolve To......

When you sit down and look at the list you created for last year’s resolutions, how many of them did you keep? Last year I just had 7 things I wanted:

  1. To work on me and the goals I set for myself.
  2. Remain single
  3.  Make great glass fusion pieces
  4.  Lose 30 pounds
  5.  Keep negativity away from my personal space.
  6. Cut sugar out of my tea
  7. Stop meeting JERKS

We all make some sort of promises to ourselves, this isn’t new. Hell, it’s more of a tradition or ritual at this point than something we really seriously.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”-Albert Einstein

What Einstein is saying is we can’t continue doing the same thing in hopes of getting a different result. If you did, maybe you should be content with failure.

So this year I think I will kick resolutions to the curb. Looking back on my year it wasn’t all horrible. It was actually pretty great. I didn’t lose 30 pounds, but I did lose weight. My goal will be to work out more than twice a week. Even if that means having a gym bag locked away in the truck of my car. I’ll stop worrying about where I thought I would be at this point in life and feel great about the progress I’m making every day. Not everyone reached their dream last year, but I did.

Well good luck to me having a better 2014 than 2013